Project-based learning is a dynamic approach that helps students retain concepts using real-world relevance and learn more effectively. By working on group projects provided in their coursework, students can hone their communication, learn how to collaborate and develop problem-solving skills—the kinds of abilities employers want and need in the workplace. With project-based math and English lessons in GradPoint™, you can provide your students with more choices, help them meet Common Core State Standards and build 21st century skills. GradPoint is a powerful online learning solution that delivers over 300 standards-based courses, assessments, student data and reports on an easy-to-use learning platform. Through GradPoint’s cutting-edge technology and personalized learning design, you can match the variety of student needs and skill levels, better equip students for college and career, and give teachers more time to focus on what’s really important.

With GradPoint you can:

  • Use technology for multi-faceted assessment through projectbased learning.
  • Let teachers work more closely with students doing high-quality, applied work.
  • Help students enjoy learning alongside their peers.
  • Use 21st century competencies such as critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.
  • Provide a real-world connection and use an authentic problem that drives curriculum.

Activate learning with GradPoint.

GradPoint’s features and courses focus on helping your students develop: creative thinking, peer collaboration, expertise with digital media, multiple representation of text, high-order thinking, and more!

Customization Options

GradPoint’s powerful course customization capabilities provide for project-based learning. Wikis, Blogs, and discussion boards can be added to courses, allowing students to collaborate on course topics with peers and their teachers. Teachers can add their own projects to courses, and add groups to courses where each group can see their project, along with instructions, guidelines, and rubrics. GradPoint course work will thus be a central area where project information is centrally accessible, and project scores can be included in the final grade. GradPoint sites can be integrated to Google Drive where students can collaborate on projects in a written area. Submissions and feedback can happen from the Google Drive.

Project-based Lessons

Each lesson is a student-driven, independent project provided online that allows students to go more in depth on a topic. Students will need to execute projects in collaboration with their teacher.

Standards Coverage

Each project contains one to nine objectives designed to meet the high school math and English Common Core State Standards, International Association for K-12 Online Learning (INACOL) Standards and 21st century skills.

Lesson Materials

The courses guide both the student and teacher in successfully completing the projects. Students have access to rubrics, worksheets and resource materials. Teachers have access to a teacher’s guide, student samples, and answer keys.

Choice of Activities

Many of the projects provide students with choices of activities to encourage self-directed learning. Students will collaborate with their teacher to determine which choice of activity is most appropriate and determine how the activity will be executed.