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In partnership with Stanford University
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Koncept is an exclusive provider of CCSS (Common Core State Standards) Adaptive program combined with real time monitoring and tutoring by our In-House tutors. Koncept through its Adaptive program offers easy-to-use solution produced and developed by industry leaders such as Pearsons.
The solutions offered has it all for students, teachers, administrators, curriculum coordinators and IT directors.

Koncept through its online platform offers the power to address virtual and blended learning, credit recovery, dropout prevention, alternative education, English language learning, summer school, and more all on one platform and all with engaging…read more..

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    “ I am most impressed that, using the Koncept program, the students have successfully learnt difficult concepts without the ‘hard work’ which is generally associated with learning mathematics through conventional methods. ”

    George Drilling

    “ I have been using the KONCEPT program since the middle of last year. It has been helping me a fair bit with my work especially with my Math. I recommend the program to people of all ages and think it would help many people, especially with using the tutors who give so much help. ”


    Academic Scholarship

    Koncept has helped me to be awarded one of my school’s academic scholarships. I have been able to learn and receive extra assistance without the worry of seeking this from elsewhere, and still be within the comfort of my home ”

    Sarah Holgate

    “ The program was a help because it allowed for the practice of coursework in a way that enabled the identification of weak areas of knowledge and the strengthening of those areas. It also gave another angle at which to view the information studied and hence improve explanations when answering questions. ”

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