Obstacles end here.
Options lies ahead.

Plan for the classrooms of the future, today. The best content meets the only learning platform designed specifically to fulfill the needs of K-12. All of GradPoint’s digital content is delivered on the most open, flexible and intuitive learning platform allowing for a more effective and enriching experience for teachers and students.

GradPoint’s learning platform offers:


We understand the diverse needs that a school may have when implementing a virtual and blended learning solution. GradPoint allows you to adjust the platform settings, roles and permissions at any time during your implementation to meet this demand. GradPoint’s flexibility puts you in control and helps you plan for the future.


The GradPoint PowerSchool Integration Service syncs the most widely used web-based school information system (SIS) and GradPoint’s award winning learning management system (LMS) and digital curriculum to save you time and streamline your processes. Nightly synching calls enable you to leverage the strengths of each program while eliminating duplicate steps, improving access to data and enhancing data security.

No installation

With no hardware or software to install, or servers or networks to set up, your school can start using GradPoint in no time. You will be given a unique web address so users can access the program via a web browser.

Student progress monitoring

We know that monitoring overall student learning progress is most important. GradPoint helps teachers and administrators stay student-centered at all times with a dashboard that monitors students’ performance and pace as they progress through a course.

Differentiated learning

GradPoint’s learning platform allows for a prescriptive learning path that correlates assessment results with course materials for differentiated learning. Teachers also retain full discretion to make assignments for individuals or an entire class from off-line worksheets to entire lessons.

Communication tools

GradPoint includes several synchronous and asynchronous communication tools to facilitate and engage students throughout the learning experience. Students have access to threaded discussion boards for effective collaboration and email capabilities for private messaging. There is also the ability for teachers to communicate with parents to keep everyone focused on student success.

Assessment tools

As students move through the course, they are given periodic reviews and practice opportunities to prove understanding of learning objectives and materials before they can move on. Finally, students take an assessment at the end of each lesson to prove mastery. Teachers can create or edit assessments using a variety of question types as they see fit.

Automatic grading

With GradPoint, teachers can focus more of their time meeting students’ individual needs because the system is able to do many administrative tasks for them. The majority of student work in GradPoint is automatically graded and entered into the Gradbook. Students receive instant feedback, and data is stored for reporting purposes.


GradPoint’s user-friendly and intuitive text-to-speech feature allows students to hear a selected passage or an entire lesson to promote greater understanding. This option is available in our prescriptive, sequential and flex pathways, and is beneficial for auditory learners, English language learners, students who have difficulty reading on a screen, or those that need help pronouncing complex words or phrases.

Real-time curriculum updates

As part of the GradPoint support subscription, students will always have access to the most up-to-date curriculum, and teachers won’t have to waste time making changes or corrections to materials. When the content is updated, you will automatically receive the changes.

Data management and reporting

GradPoint offers flexible reporting capabilities to monitor student progress, student enrollment information, student data and time spent in the program. Administrators and teachers can easily review student grades, progress and more on demand.