Is it an educational game? Is it assessment? Or both?


Traditional tests measure single data points at a specific point in time. Tests can be stressful for learners, and some struggling students just aren’t good test takers. SuccessMaker uses a dynamic gaming environment for what’s been called “stealth assessment.” The continuously adaptive technology measures progress with every click, tap, and swipe—with every student response. With SuccessMaker, a test doesn’t impede learning. Every student interaction supports a personal learning path. The game-like environment allows learners to stay engaged and motivated, while yielding valuable real-time data for instruction. Isn’t that what assessment should do?

  • Continuously adaptive technology analyzes each learner’s skills and understanding with every response.
  • Mastery algorithm determines whether to move student forward, extend time, or review prerequisite skill.
  • Game play, learner interaction, choices, and multiple levels of challenge make it engaging.
  • Real-time data reports monitor progress without making more work for the teacher.


SuccessMaker’s “Motion Model” begins with Initial Placement. This engaging and interactive diagnostic assessment determines each student’s instructional level. The ultimate goal is to challenge learners but not to the point of frustration. Many teachers know this as the Zone of Proximal Development.